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"Jewel gave me all status of my kitten and kept me up to date on her character and health. I am beyond grateful to have bought my Maine Coon from Them. I would definitely recommend jewelmainecoonkittens !"
Maria Allison
If you are looking for the most amazing Maine Coon Breeders, YOUR. SEARCH. IS. OVER. Jewel Maine Coon Kittens Home are THE best around. We have been enjoying our new kitten for a full month now.
Janet Carter
New York
Gigi (Amelia) arrived yesterday. A little scared but absolutely understandable after such a long trip. She is absolutely amazing and cuter than we could of even imagined. Thank you for Providing Us a safer and secure way of paying for her. Jewel Maine Coon Fam! Thank you for all of your help!
Maria Allison
Tyler TX
I was very satisfied with the purchase process, communication and ease of dealing with Jewel. I love my kitten. She arrived safely and healthy. The only thing I would suggest is hip test results on both sire and dam for each kitten included in the health certificate. Thank you
Kaeli Yuzefowich
Dallas, TX
I am so happy that I decided to get my kitten from Jewel Kittens. From the very start it was important to me to find a knowledgeable breeder who loved the breed, who took health and temperament into consideration and a breeder who would take the time to communicate.
Marion Ka
Washington Sate
We’ve been wanting a little cream kitten to join our family for the past few years and have been in communication with Jewel Kittens throughout the whole time. We were so excited once they had a cream litter. Our little Momo is perfect. She has great temperament - sweet and playful.
Glaucia Nicholson
We received Lizzy at Miami airport 3 days ago. We were very concerned about the flight, but everything worked just fine , Thanks to Jewel Home. As soon as we saw Lizzy we knew that she was special.
Philip Medina
Miami, FL
Our Maine coon kitten arrived safely and is so loving. Thank you Jewel Coons for your ever helpful patience with my millions of questions and worries. Just like you said , the travel was a breeze. Great job guys !
Kelly Williams
Kansas City

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